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Scrap Metal Management
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Ongoing management and analytics ensure you get top dollar for your materials and identify new market opportunities as they emerge.

A Smarter Approach to Your Scrap Management

The Fortis team has worked in every part of the scrap recycling process: in the scrapyards, as manufacturers, in price negotiations. Together, we leveraged our collective expertise to develop a groundbreaking scrap management system that gets you the true value of your scrap every time you swap.

A Smarter Approach to Your Scrap Management


Jason Wolf

Jason Wolff


Jason did not start his career in recycling, but in the very different worlds of restaurants and hospitality. After selling his restaurant in southwest Colorado, he didn’t know what his next chapter would be until, after a chance meeting with an executive at a publicly traded Fortune 500 steel and recycling company, he was offered a job in their training program. A new path revealed itself: “When I started in scrap metal recycling, I didn’t even know this could be a job, let alone the career I was looking for.”

Jeff Wolf

Jeff Wolff

Senior Vice President

Jeff Wolff is a partner and senior vice president at Fortis Metal Management. Since coming on as a sales team leader in 2015, Jeff has leveraged his years of experience in the industrial world to help Fortis’s clients.
Jeff works closely with all service providers in the negotiations and the marketing of scrap Metal, ensuring clients receive top value on all their recyclables.

Sandy Malos

Sandy Malos

Vice President of Operations

Sandy Malos has spent her career building massively detailed processes for major corporations. The integration processes that she has created were built to stick, and be easily adapted by those who were directly involved.  As a result she has cultivated a significant skill for hearing the need, creating steps for adoption and understanding, and looking for continuous improvement.

James Downing

James Downing

TruMarket Director

A pioneer in online competitive marketplaces, James Downing is Fortis’s Director of Marketplace Operations for the TruMarket procurement platform.
In the late 90s, Mr. Downing started his career in competitive markets with, an online marketplace for surplus industrial assets. Throughout his career he has worked for, FreeMarkets, Cowan Alexander Equipment Group,, Asset-Auctions, and Asset-Nation. From 2010 to 2017, he served as the Executive Manager of Field Service for Ritchie Brother’s Auctioneers. In 2012, he was a CEVA (Creative, Entrepreneurial, Virtual Teaming, Accountability) award recipient for service excellence in the management of field service projects.

David Malos

David Malos

Database Manager

David Malos is a seasoned database manager with over a decade of experience in data analytics. He has created a variety of technological solutions to streamline critical processes and leverage key data, all while prioritizing top-notch customer service. David has developed numerous applications that convert raw data into high-quality client deliverables.

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