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A Metal Recycling Consultant That
Delivers Custom Scrap Management

Fortis: a metal recycling consultant that gets you the top price for your scrap, a
stress-free recycling process, and in-depth analytics.

Do You Know What’s Really Happening with Your Scrap Metal?

Good Metal Management Is a Full-Time Job

If you manage your own scrap recycling, it’s hard to get the full value of your scrap. That’s because scrap metal processing is an opaque industry involving thousands of complex chemical processes and ever-shifting prices. Without expertise in the business, you’ll end up settling for a level of imprecision in scrap metal management you would never tolerate in
the rest of your business.

A Metal Recycling Consultant
Who Puts You First

You deserve a scrap metal recycling service that puts you first and leaves you free to focus on manufacturing.

That’s why Fortis didn’t just innovate a revolutionary bidding platform to get processors to bid for your scrap–Fortis is the only scrap metal consultant that assumes the risk of every swap, takes on contract enforcement, and routinely audits the practices of all scrap processors.

Never get less than full value for your scrap again.

The Fortis Metal Management Service

The Fortis Metal
Management Service

Whether you’re a leading national manufacturer or a single-site operator, here’s how Fortis Metal Management builds a customized service to meet your unique needs.


Determine the right timetable for your scrap pick-ups.

Vet Your Processors

Get your current scrap processors audited to ensure they follow ethical and reliable practices.

Processors Bid
for Your Scrap

On the innovative TruMarket procurement platform, scrap processors bid for your scrap.

You Get More

You receive more money, streamlined reports, trustworthy governance, and guaranteed on time payment for all your scrap – all through a process you don’t have to manage.

The Fortis Promises



Get help sorting and preparing your
scrap to make sure you maximize revenue for each pick-up.



Receive regular, in-depth analytics reports on every part of the metal recycling process so you can be sure your scrap is handled responsibly.


Flexible Pick-ups

Through the client portal, schedule regular pick-ups or schedule one-offs on short notice.


Predictable Margins

Because the price for your scrap is based on the difference from a benchmark, you can be sure your margin stays the same even when market conditions change quickly.