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How Fortis Scrap Management Gets You the Best Price for Your Metal

Scrap management powered by innovative technology and industry expertise gets you the top price for every kind of metal.

The TruMarket Platform: Let Processors Bid for Your Scrap

TruMarket, the unique online procurement platform, lets vetted scrap processors bid for your scrap, creating a race to the top price.
Here’s how TruMarket works. Rather than bid a set price, each processor offers the margin they’ll pay you over the benchmark set in the trade publications. When the price fluctuates, your margin will stay constant.

This system guarantees you get the top price for your scrap, no matter what happens to the benchmark price.

The TruMarket Platform: Let Processors Bid for Your Scrap
Better Scrap Management for Everyone

Better Scrap Management
for Everyone

TruMarket transforms scrap management for both manufacturers and processors.

Manufacturers receive the top-market price and peace of mind. Fortis handles the logistics of every sale: we arrange swaps, generate regular analytics reports, and guarantee on time payments for a stress-free scrap management experience.

Scrap processors not only gain access to more volume—they are rewarded for ethical, reliable business practices. This creates a more sustainable scrap ecosystem for all players.