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Fortis Metal Management
Delivers Top-Tier Pricing for
Your Metals - Guaranteed.

Fortis Metal Management brings you end to end scrap metal management, from procurement – utilizing our proprietary online tool – to overall process governance.

Ultimately providing you a stress-free recycling process.

Fortis Metal Management Guarantees

The Fortis Metal Management Service
Top pricing for all your materials

Top pricing for all your materials

Thorough vetting of processors

Total visibility into every step of your recycling process

Direct access to scrap metal experts

Do You Know What’s Really
Happening with Your Scrap Metal?

When you manage the process on your own, you really just can’t be sure that you’re getting the best value and consistently tracking the details.

Without visibility into your processors’ operations, you have no idea how reliable their practices are, if they give reliable measurements of your material, or if they’re going to pay you on time. Plus it takes time and expertise to get top-dollar for your materials, no matter how the market fluctuates.

Do You Know What’s Really Happening with Your Scrap Metal?

Fortis Metal Management: On Your
Side at the Negotiating Table

No matter the size of your business, you need an informed advocate negotiating for you to secure stress-free metal recycling at top price. 

Sorting the ethical scrap processors from the other players takes expertise, relationships, and constant vigilance. Fortis Metal Management brings years of experience to provide metal management that guarantees you peace of mind and the best possible price for every material.

Experience. Innovation. Vetting.



Gets the support of an experienced
metal management team that
intimately understands every step of
the scrap metal recycling process.  We’ll take care of the details so you don’t have to.



Trumarket, the innovative online
procurement platform, ensures you
always receive the best possible price
by getting scrap processors to
compete for your scrap.



Partner exclusively with scrap
processors whose practices have
been thoroughly vetted for ethics
and reliability.

Your Scrap Metal,
Your Terms

Every manufacturer has unique scrap processing needs, so Fortis Metal Management provides a customized service based on your needs to oversee the entire scrap metal governance process.

You’ll only be partnered with the processors best able to help you achieve your goals and provide quality customer service. And if you don’t get a better price for your scrap than you get now, you don’t pay a dime.

Your Scrap Metal, Your Terms
The Fortis Metal Management Service

The Fortis Metal
Management Service

Whether you’re a leading national manufacturer or a single-site operator, here’s how Fortis Metal Management builds a customized end to end service to govern your unique scrap metal needs


Determine the right timetable for your scrap pick-ups.

Vet Your Processors

Get your current scrap processors audited to ensure they follow ethical and reliable practices.

Processors Bid
for Your Scrap

On the innovative TruMarket procurement platform, scrap processors bid for your scrap.

You Get More - And Do Less

You receive more money, streamlined reports, trustworthy governance, and guaranteed on time payment for all your scrap – all through a process you don’t have to manage.

The Fortis Difference
for Manufacturers

Without Fortis
Metal Management:

With Fortis
Metal Management:

Fortis Metal Management:
Top dollar. Peace of mind. Guaranteed.