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Top Commercial Metals Scrap
Prices. Total Transparency.

Your current scrap management system isn’t getting you the best commercial metals scrap prices or giving you the visibility into the recycling process you need. Here’s what’s possible with Fortis.

Your Scrap Metal Management
Is Holding You Back

Don’t settle for a level of imprecision in your scrap metal management you would never tolerate in the rest of your business.
When you go looking for a processor instead of letting them bid for your scrap, you’re not going to get top commercial metals scrap prices. Plus, you’ll have to simultaneously navigate difficult relationships with many different processors, none of whom will offer the transparency you need to develop effective analytics reports and spot emerging trends.

A New Approach to Scrap
Metal Management

Scrap metal recycling is too complex for you to manage on your own. Effective management involves thousands of different chemical processes, complex logistics, and knowledge of fluctuating markets.
The Fortis team of experts in manufacturing and scrap metal management will get you the highest commercial metals price for your scrap, so you can stop worrying about recycling and focus on what you do best: manufacturing.

The Fortis Promises


Seamless Transition

Every disruption matters in manufacturing, so you’ll receive a customized, painless transition to Fortis’s scrap metal management.



Your interests will be fought for every step of the way by expert negotiators and scrap metal managers.



With every swap and every payment arranged for you, you’ll never have to deal with unreliable and difficult scrap processors again.



Get help arranging and sorting your scrap pre-swap to maximize revenue.

See Fortis in Action

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Bottom Rate Improvement

Outsource metal recycling to streamline operations and to focus on core business

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Top Rate Improvement

Outsource metal recycling to increase
earnings and lower operating costs