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Not only are most manufacturers failing to get top market value for their scrap metal, they have no idea what that price is or how to secure it. This lost revenue comes on top of all the time and energy you waste dealing with difficult or unethical processors.

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The Fortis Metal Management Service

The Fortis Metal
Management Service

Whether you’re a leading national manufacturer or a single-site operator, here’s how Fortis Metal Management builds a customized service to meet your unique needs.


Determine the right timetable for your scrap pick-ups.

Vet Your Processors

Get your current scrap processors audited to ensure they follow ethical and reliable practices.

Processors Bid
for Your Scrap

On the innovative TruMarket procurement platform, scrap processors bid for your scrap.

You Get More

You receive more money, streamlined reports, trustworthy governance, and guaranteed on time payment for all your scrap – all through a process you don’t have to manage.